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Most audio and video systems have to serve several purposes. In fact, it can be difficult to design a system that works perfectly in all departments of your facility. When you come to 4b technology, you have the benefits of professional AV system design that integrate your audio and visual communications with other systems, to give you a more efficient and effective organization. Let’s look at some of the things that AV integration does.

Communications and the Internet

Most communications systems can benefit from Internet integration. Here is an example. Suppose you plan a large video conference. Everyone involved can access the conference from a laptop, workstation, or smart phone. In fact, you can involve people in other facilities all over the country or anywhere on the planet.

Once you have a fully integrated video and audio communications system, your new AV system design can serve many purposes. For example, your staff can contact clients, or they can communicate with each other using the same system.

Maybe you need to update communications software. With online access, this does not take long, and it’s possible to access security patches this way too. When systems are fully integrated with the World Wide Web, issues like the time and date are never a problem because they are constantly updated.

Enhanced Sound Quality

AV system design specialists make sure that you get the best sound quality possible. They take several factors into account, such as:

  • Building construction
  • Facility size
  • Local sources of electrical interference
  • Building acoustics