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4b Technology is a forward-thinking technology infrastructure design and engineering services firm for high-performance buildings that maximizes technology, efficiency and flexibility. Our wealth of specialized skills and areas of expertise provide the knowledge our clients require for their unique facility demands. Technology consulting services we offer include everything from infrastructure surveys, master plans, and site development to planning, design, building information modeling (BIM), sustainability, LEED compliance, on-site construction representation, and systems commissioning. We offer a variety of design and construction support services that include:


4b Technology is a Revit based firm across all our disciplines. As an early adopter of this technology we have a depth of experience and expert personnel who maximize the tools that BIM provide during the design process.

Construction Support

Once a design is complete making it a reality through good execution and interpretation of plans is vital. 4b Technology offers ongoing project support through completion to ensure a successful implementation of the design.


When the time comes to bring designs to life, 4b is ready to provide on-site commissioning to ensure design conformance, efficiency and system performance.

Site Development

After collecting the relevant info we can connect your project to the rest of the world and ensure that long-term growth and expansion are available. Our OSP (Outside Plant) specialists are here to put years of experience at your disposal.


4b Technology specializes in technology design services for Information Technology Infrastructure, Low Voltage Systems, Audio Visual Systems, Security Systems, Aviation and Healthcare. In today’s business world that means convergence of these disciplines with not only each other but other building systems. The result is a project that stands out and offers years of reliable service to our clients.