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If you are planning a new facility, or if you are planning a major remodel, security is one of the most important things to consider. It is not enough to have a secure technology infrastructure and facility. Today’s organizations must have security issues that are “built-in.” How is this possible? It starts in the designing stage, and that is why many companies have chosen security design consultants like 4b Technology Group.

What We Do

We specialize in communications-systems design for large construction projects. This can be for both new construction, and for renovations. We work with engineers, developers, architects, and property owners to make sure the proper coordination occurs to achive the best, most secure, outcome. By using our “Security by Design” services, you receive three immediate benefits:

  • Innovative solutions – we employ some of the most knowledgeable and creative security design consultants in the industry. They are able to see things that many people do not.
  • Practical solutions – the most innovative solutions are of little value unless they can be put to practical use. Our QA/QC (quality assurance and quality control) process ensures that everything we plan and implement is viable for a given project.
  • Cost-effective solutions – we know you have a specific budget, and that adhering to it is one of the most important considerations during the construction phase of a project.

The Importance of Sustainability

When you have 4b Technology Group as your security design consultants, your project is “future proof.” Additionally, our solutions are “green”, and sustainable, when possible. To discover all we can offer your company, call us today at 832-249-9379. We are ready to discuss your upcoming project, and answer all of your questions!