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Whether you are planning a new facility or a major renovation project, security is an important factor to take into consideration. In fact, it is so important that leaving it to people who are not experts in the field can be extremely costly. At 4b Technology, we specialize in security design services along with AV and IT technology.

Facility Security

In today’s world, locking doors and restricting access is no longer the best way to keep facilities safe and secure. Rather, it takes the perfect blend of planning and several different technologies. Factors like building design, communications, and IT systems all play very important roles.

Why Opt for Security Design Services?

For every security measure taken, someone will try to get around it. Keeping facilities and systems secure is a constant battle of staying ahead of the “bad guys.” Unlike other systems, the most secure and modern security system typically becomes outdated and obsolete within a few months without a continuous stream of upgrades. A good security consultant will work with everyone involved in the project. The best consultants should review your video surveillance system, communications systems, IT technology, and then link them together to give you the most secure connection and access points. Security experts see things that designers, architects, and contractors often overlook.

Security Assessments

Certain security design services also include protection against natural disasters. True security involves much more than just protecting data, especially when the safety and well-being of hundreds or even thousands of people are at stake. With the help of BIM modeling, 4b Technology can look at your project before you even break ground. We will take a glimpse into the near future to make sure our infrastructure design meets your project expectations.

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